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Automatic Tank Gauge

  • Offers the stability, security and simplicity your site needs, to propel your business into the future.
  • Our fuel level monitoring systems automate your fuel reconciliation and compliance reporting,
    so that you have access to critical fuel site data at all times.
  • Automatic Tank Gauge for Small Retail and Commercial Applications:
    • Higher accuracy over manual reconciliation methods.
    • Eliminate stick readout error.
    • Eliminate data transcription error.
    • Avoid manual reconciliation variance caused by temperature, delivery shortages, tank chart errors, stick inaccuracy, and leaks.


  • Magnetostrictive Probes

Magnetostrictive sensing technology is a major component to a complete fuel management system. Our MAG Probes provide underground storage tank owners the ability to measure height, liquid temperature, and detect water. Our TLS Automatic Tank Gauges combine that data with proven leak detection algorithms to provide highly accurate in-tank leak detection, assisting operators with their daily, monthly and yearly compliance management.

  • Interstitial & Secondary Containment Sensors

The Veeder-Root Interstitial Sensor detects the presence of liquid between the double wall of fiberglass tanks. Liquid triggers an alarm signal to your automatic tank gauge. You’ll know immediately where the problem is so you can take action to prevent serious and costly safety and environmental problems

Non-Discriminating Interstitial Sensor Solid-State Discriminating Interstitial

Supplier: Gilbarco Veeder root

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