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Metering Solutions

Flow computer and loading control system


  • Truck Loading
  • Pipeline Metering
  • On Truck
  • Applications
  • Rail Car Loading


  • Single or multi product operation
  • Flow control for digital or analog valves
  • Dual pulse security
  • Configurable inputs and outputs
  • Automatic temperature and pressure compensation
  • Preset for batching with automatic trip correction
  • Meter factor calculation and meter curve linearization [4 points per product]
  • Configurable pulse outputs
  • Graphic display with multi–language capability
  • Automatic error handling and reporting
  • Integrated log–book for selected events
  • Manual or automatic mode selection
  • Configurable I/O sequencing
  • 7 security levels
  • Field bus communication
  • LAN communication Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Storage of up to 200 transactions per meter
  • Remote maintenance via diagnostic interface










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