6 Manhole Cover

Manhole Cover

Material: Bolted Aluminum / Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel


  • Complies with EN 13314 (fill-cover) and EN 13317 (base-cover)
  • Pressure and vacuum vent fitted as standard for tank breathing. Various ratings available to suit operational requirements. Two vents may be fitted if required.
  • Spring-loaded Pressure-activated fill cap provides emergency fire engulfment and venting
  • Emergency venting capacity 7000m3/h air at 350mb.
  • Automatic sealing of the vent in a rollover situation
  • 20″ base-plate for access compliance with ADR.
  • Two-stage opening allows safe release of residual compartment pressure before fully opening fill cap.
  • Lockable – available with key lock
  • Secure 24-bolt fixing as required by ADR.
  • Lightweight pressed aluminum base-plate material complies with EN 13094.
  • Security facility for padlock, wire or plastic seal.

Supplier: OPW

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