Dispenser Sumps

Features & Benefits:

  • Conduit less Design – the fiberglass base and metal cap and frame are designed to direct conduit into the dispenser along the side of the sump to avoid requiring additional entry boot penetrations.
  • Multi-Product Flexible – the wide sump surface area is designed to accommodate up to 4 product lines into the sump.
  • Structural Integrity – engineered with thick side walls to withstand backfill and high water table forces. Precise glass and resin metering throughout the molding process ensures material consistency and maximizes the strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Smooth Sealing Surfaces for Leak-tight Sump Entry Fittings – our fully enclosed molding manufacturing method produces a uniform wall thickness while eliminating air entrapment. The result is a flat, smooth finish, both inside and out, which provides leak-tight pipe entries.
  • Full-Perimeter Liquid Collection Channel – facilitates quick leak detection and allows flexibility in locating leak sensors.
  • Convenient Shipping and Storage – sump boxes are nestable. Two sizes accept multiple frames to accommodate all common dispensers.
  • Full-Access Working Area – frame is attached after plumbing is complete.
  • Mounting Flange – Sump rests on island form crossbars for support during installation.

Supplier: OPW Fiber lite

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