check valve

Check Valve


  • Permit flow in one direction only, and close automatically if flow reverses.
  • Entirely automatic in action, depending upon pressure and velocity of flow,
    within the line to perform their functions of opening and closing.
  • Disk is flat accurately ground and connected to hinge by a spud and nut, but is free to rotate.
    The hinge is mounted on a hinge pin which permits free rotation in internal lugs (sizes 3/8” to 2”) or body bosses (sizes 2.1/2” and 3”).
    There are no external plugs on sizes 3/8” to 2”. Body seat is integral.
  • This valve is not suitable for use on group 1 gasses or unstable fluids, as defined by the Pressure
  • Temperature operating range: -10 to 186ºC.

Supplier: CRANE (UK)

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