1 API Tank Truck Adaptor

API Tank Truck Adaptor


  • Designed in Accordance with API RP 1004 and EN 13083
  • Two Piece lightweight aluminum construction for maximum strength and weight reduction.
  • 4 Inch TTMA mounting flange
  • Nominal size 4 inch or DIN 100
  • Rotatable hard-coated nose piece for maximum service life
  • Flat Bottom ensures complete drainage
  • Minimum number of internals to minimize pressure drop and improve flow rate
  • Bushed running surface for efficient operation
  • Stainless Steel internals for maximum service life
  • Compatible with diesel, bio diesel, gasoline, ethanol and methanol
  • Heavy duty poppet with an acetal resin bearing for smoother opening characteristics
  • Easy-grip aluminum lever
  • Grease nipple on handle for easy maintenance

Supplier: OPW

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